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The Weekend Handyman interviews Mike.

Putting screens on and off each season was growing old. Only having screens on in the warm seasons didn’t provide protection from the elements. (Rain, pollen, dust, high winds you know if you have a screened in porch)

Winter and expanse windows

Even in the dead of winter, the view is Lake Pepin part of the upper Mississippi River, expanse is the window to have for your porch.

" I want to let Porchwerx know that I love my new expanse windows! We stayed completely dry from an intense storm of wind and rain last night. The storm dropped 3” of rain and not a drop got inside! Thanks for the great product! " - Kathy

What a view!
Expanse your porch, we did.

This is our view.  Imagine your view through an expanse window. No screens blocking your view yet having screens to let in what you want, fresh air, and keep out the things you don’t.

Expanse in action -
The Early Days

As entrepreneurs our product went through many stages before making it to market. We thought you might enjoy some footage before we partnered with Ventura Products.

Everything about my new windows makes a statement. So glad we made the investment to do our porch “right”.


This video shows the “magic” of the expanse window.

Never before could you open a window this large (8′ x 8′) and this heavy (about 100 lbs. per sash).